Let your doctor monitor your baby’s heart rate
from the comfort of your own home

Are you afraid of not knowing if something is wrong with your baby?
Remotaid connects you with your doctor at anytime you need reassurance.

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Medical Device

This, yet on the market non-existing technology connects you and your doctor like you were never connected before. Every time you feel the need of reassurance, you can provide accurate and reliable information. 26 thousand previous checkups prove it is completely safe and easy to use.


Do babies like being exposed to ultrasound? Who knows? For your Baby’s safety Remotaid is not using ultrasound, it’s a simple passive smart microphone. You can use it every day without exposing your child to unknown risks.


Keep your privacy and have your doctor always with nearby. Results are accessible only by you and your obstetrician, and your doctor can reply in a blink of an eye.


Help the job of your ObGyn
Help the job of  your ObGyn text

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